Our beloved khwaja Garib Nawaj(R.A.)

Generally, there were so many spirtual leaders, harbingers of peace and prophets used to appear in every periods at past to spread the message of peace & love, universal brotherhood throughout the world. But it was an uncompareable examples, which the Sufi Sant, Kabir Das, Baba Gura Nanakjee Maharaj has done in India through their cordial messages of peace, universal brotherhood, humanism, love and integrity. As a result now we can see the unity among the diversity. Whenever, anyone remembers the name of any Sufi Sant firstly one name must comes to one's mind, that is Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty.(R.A.) of Ajmer.

Approximately, 850 years before Khwaja Garib Nawaz was born in the village sanjar in Iran. After receiving the mandate of prophet Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (Be peace in his soul) at the time of his prayers in Madina Sharif, Khwaja Sahib reached Ajmer alongwith his forty disciples. Thousand of people (From all religion) use to come to visit Khwaja Sahib being impressed with his amiable disposition and heart-touching speech and divine personality, Khwaja Sahib(R.A.) used to teach them for mutual love,mutual trust, mutual understanding, mutual goodwill and mutual respect and all to obey the parents by which almighty God will be pleased.

Khwaja Sahib left this mortal world since about 850 years passed. During all these centuries there are so many famous kings, Nawab and Emperors (Badshah) used to resent themselves in the Court of Khwaja Sahib and their Cherished desires were fulfilled by the grace of Khwaja Sahib. Those who come to his court never return in empty hands whether they may be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or else others. Even to day the tradition of visit is still being continued. Not only in the Urs but also in the ordinary day thousand of devotees use to come over here with their hearty desires and offer flowers and chaddars to the Holy Shrine. Observing such hly performance any one can feel a divine peace in mind.

"The ways are different" "But Desitnation is one"

1. Sultan Shahbuddin Mohd. Gouri

In 1191 A.D. after defeating the Raja Prithviraj Chauhan, Sultan Shahbuddin Ghori reached Ajmer alongwith the Raja of Kannauj-raja Jai Chand and the son of Raja Prithviraj and (Tweleve thousands five hundred) army with him. When he moved on towards the palace of prithviraj on Taragarh hill, he saw Khwaja Sahib and his forty disciples sitting below. As soon as Sultan saw Khwaja Sahib, he lost no time in paying his homage and respect to Khwaja Sahib and requested to accept him as disciple. But Khwaja Sahib did not complied with his earnest desires and said thus. "I am a Fakeer and both Fakeer and Badshah never come together. You are an emperor(Bdshah), so you should do your duty as an emperor."

2. The Chilla of Baba Farid

Hazrat Baba Farid Uddin Gange Shakar (R) was he disciple of Hazrat Khwaja Qutub Uddin Bakhtiar Kaki the disciple of Khwaja Sahib. The holy tomb of Baba Farid is situated in Pak Pattan(Pakistan). Chillah of Baba Farid is also in the Darbar of Khwaja Sahib on the 5th Muharram each year lacs of devotees use to come to visit. In 1978 on behalf of the Punjab Government and Shikh Communities a vast seminar was held in Dargah Sharif in rememberance of Baba Farid and a big 'Chandelier' made of glass and one silver 'Chhanwar' was offered.The people of punjab believe Baba Farid Specially.

3.Baba Guru Nanakji Maharaj {'Wherein the land chishty told the message of God,

Nanak sang the song of unity therein the Garden.'} Poet Iqbal

The spiritual leader of shikh religion, Baba Guru Nanakji Mahraj stayed over here(Darbar of Khwaja Sahib) for 10 years and was engaged in prayers. Gurujee acknowledged Khwaja Sahib as a phenomenon of God on earth, the messenger of love, humanism and brotherhood and his darbar(court) is a holy and loyal place. Moreover Baba Guru Nanakjee Maharah also travelled the Holy City Mecca, Madina and Iraq. The chillah of Guru Nanakjee is situated in the vicinity named 'Alkurkh' which is not so far from Baghdad the Capital of Iraq. When Emperor Babar attacked India(Hindustan) in 1526 A.D. then on his way in Punjab he presented himself to pay his respect to Guru Nanakjee. Guru Nanakjee blessed Babar saying "Go, your six generation will rule over Hindustan"(India).

4. Emperor Shamsuddin Il-Tut-Mish

Before Mughals there were so many emperors of India (Hindustan) such as Allauddin Khilji, Sultan Mohmmed Ghori, Qutubuddin Aibak(Sher Shah Suri in 1544 A.D.) and many Royal Persons and Powerful rulers came to visit the Darbar of Khwaja Sahib for Ziarat.

It so happened one day when Khwaja Sahib and his discuokes were all sitting together in a mosque in Baghdad, when all of sudden, Shams Uddin il-tut-Mish passed that way. He was at that time aged twelve years only. Khwaja Sahib saw him and said to his disciples- "Till the boy becomes king of India, God will not take him out from the world". The prohecy exactly came true at last and the emperor Shams Uddin-il-tut-Mish during his reign presented himself towards Khwaja Sahib to pay his homage and great respect.

5. Mughal Emperor Akbar The Great

Emperor Akbar hand no child since 38 years of his though he was married too early. Then his advisers advised him to invoke the help of the spiritual Emperor Hazrat Khwaja Sahib for Child. So that his long cherished desires must be fulfilled. Hence Akbar presented himself at the Court of Khwaja Sahib in 1567 A.D. By the grace of Khwaja Sahib a child(boy) was born. As he resolved before for the child, so, on the occasion of the birth of his child,he reached Ajmer from Agra on foot and presented himself at the Court of Khwaja Sahib and to mark his expression of devotion to Khwaja Sahib he made a fencing made of oysters shell around the "Mazaar"(Tomb) and also presented a big cauldron(deg) in which as per matric measurement approx. 48 Qntl. food being cooked. He inteded to cook meat and rice in it, but Khwaja Sahib forbidden him (Akbar) in dream thus- "Never cook the meat in my Darbarm because Hindu, Muslim, Christian and other people of different caste and religion also use to come to my Darbar so, only sweet food should be cooked." Hearing this mandate, emperor obeyed the order and as a result meat is no allowed here to cook till today.

Moreover at that time my acestoral grand father Syed Danial Gurdezi performed "Ziarat" of the emperor Akbar. The emperor presented him a palace as "Nazrana".

6. Emperor Jahangir

Emperor Jahangir in eighth year of his ascending the throne, that is in 1613 A.D. presented himself at the court of Khwaja Sahib First time and offered a small cauldron(Deg) in which as per metric measurement approx,24 Qntil. food being cooked and he removed the fencing made of oysters shell(inside the Mazaar) which was offered by his father emperor Akbar and instead of it he offered a smal golden fencing. He also presented "Tasbi"(Chain of seeds) of "Yakut"(Ruby) stone and the Rajgarh village (now known as 'Beer') as "Zagir" to all the "Gaddi Nashins" of the Darbar.('Beer is near about 10 K.M. distance from Ajmer).

Once upon a time, emperor Jahagir was arrested by his own Subedar Mahabat Khan. He remembered Khwaja Sahib and after free from Jail again he presented himself at the Court of Khwaja Sahib.

Once emperor Jahangir fell in sick seriously. He invoked the help of Khwaja Sahib for his recovery. After recovery he gave a symbolical proof of his expression of devotion by wearing the earing, denoting his voluntary enrolment as a slave of Khwaja Sahib. He writes in autobiography thus I wore in each of my ears a brigh pearl............" Gradually, it became a Common Custom over here in Darbar.

(1) Tuzak-e-Jahangiri(Published 1863); P.131).

7. Emperor Shah Jahan

In 1637 A.D. emperor Shah Jahan decided to conquer 'Dakkan'(also called Dakshinatya) and he invoked the help of Khwaja Sahib for his success and presented himself at the court of Khwaja Sahib. Hence, After his victory again he presented himself at the Court of Khwaja Sahib and presented a silver made fencing(which remains at present inside the 'Mazaar'. At the period it was built at the cost of one Lakh Twenty Five Thousand(1.25 Lacs). He also built a big mosque of White Marble, (it is known as "Shah Jahani Masjid) and offered 'Nazrana' to the 'Gaddi Nashins' of the Darbar. Emperor Shah Jahan desired to make the whole 'Mazaar Sharif' in silver, but Khwaja Shaib did not allow him to do so. It is necessary to say that as the 'gold-fencing' built by emperor Jahangir was small, so his son emperor Shahjahan removed the small 'gold-fencing' and replaced a big 'Silver-fencing'.

8. Emperor Aurangzeb

Emperor Aurangzeb in fact was a puritan eperor, when he heard about the goodwill and supernatural power of Khwaja Sahib, he did not believe. He came to Ajmer from Delhi and decided that 'I will bow(Salam) at the Mazaar (Tomb) of Khwaja Sahib and if I get no reply from him. I will destroy the tomb. It so happened, that as he conveyed 'Salam' for three times a reply camme out "Walaikum Assalam Alamgeer Hujjati(Dogmatist), hearing the repy Aurangzeb became confused and amazed. He tendered an apology. Thereupon, Khwaja Sahib accepting the apology said "well go and re-build all those Tombs (Mazaars) and Temples from Delhi to Ajmer which you have destroyed". But most probably, Aurangzeb did not obey the order of Khwaja Sahib. As a result, the 'Mughals' had to suffer his punishment. In 1707 A.D. "Mughal regin" ultimately fell. Those Mughal Emperor who gave punishment to the criminals in Red Fort in their reign, later the same emperor being prisoned and stood inside the 'Witnes-Box' as a culprit and the British Ruler, sitting in the same Red Fort, gave him punishment and ordered to send away to Rangoon City (Barma). Emperor Aurangzeb did not believe or respect the Mazaars (Tomb). Whereas according to our holy Quran we should must obey our parents but inspite of this order Aurangzeb prisoned his own father only for the sake of throne. Where as many as muslim persons like Aurangzeb as good emperor. But it is absolutely wrong.

9. Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivajee

After the emperor aurangzeb, Marathas ruled over India (Hindustan). At that time, Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivajee also visited the Court of Khwaja Sahib. Nana Farnabis built 'Nana-ka-Jhalra' on the Taragarh Hill.

10. Lord Curzon

The glory of Khwaja Sahib being propgated not only in his country but also in the whole world. In 1902 A.D. the viceroy Lord Curzon saw the Tomb of Khwaja Sahib and said - "A Tomb who is rulling all over India".

11. Queen Mary

In 1911 A.D. Queen Mary, at the time of her visit Ajmer Sharif, She built a beautiful 'Water-Tank' made of Marble Stone for the 'Namazee' ( The Muslim perosns who use to pray at the mosque).

12. Maharaja of Jaipur

Maharaj of Jaipur Raja Man Singh presented the main window of silver of Holy Tomb of Khwaja Sahib (R.A.) Present Maharaja of Jaipur Janab Col. Bhavani Singhjee and his family also keep faith with deep adoration on Khwaja Sahib (R.A.).

13. Jodhpur Maharaj

When the hearty desires of Maharaja of Jodhpur was fulfilled , he presented himself at the Court of Khwaja Sahib and offered white Marble-floor and golden pitcher (Pot).

14. Maharaja of Gwalior

In 1920 A.D. Maharaja of Gwalior Estate came to visit Darbar sharif and built the stairs of main gate of the Darbar Sharif by White-Marble and also presented a golden umbrella on the top of the dome.

15. Rana of Udaipur

Rana of Udaipur Janab Bhupal Singhjee was such a Rana who kept a very dordial and loving relation with Khwaja Sahib. He adored Khwaja Sahib. In every years he used to come during the "Urs-Mubark" Festival of Khwaja Sahib and also used to go for 'Hunting' with Janab Nizamuddin Sahib, the famous Hakim of Ajmer on those periods.

16. Mahatma Gandhi

In 1920 A.D. our father of nation Mahatma Ghandijee also came to visit the Darbar and offered flowers & Chaddar as his sincere devotion and faith on the Tomb. He remarked this Darbar as Centre or humanity.

17. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehrujee

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehrujee, the First Prime-Minister of Indepedent India came to vist the Darbar after freedom of India and at that time he said "I resolved in my mind for the freedom of country Hindustan(India) and invoked the help of Khwaja Sahib. Khwaja Sahib accepted and fulfilled my desires. For the kindness, I came here to convey my hearty thanks to Khwaja Sahib.

18. Mrs. Indira Gandhi

Ex-Prime Minister Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi also came to visit the Darbar and she perfored 'Ziarat' with myself. For your kind information, I like to say you that, after defeat in the election in 1977 late Mrs. Indira Gandhi presented herself, at the darbar with the 'Flowers'& 'Chaddar' putting on her head and as soon as she heard the sound of the famous Quwali "Kripa Karo Maharaj............" she burst into tears and prayed that as soon as she would become prime-minister again, she would must have come back to Khwaja Sahib to kiss to door-step of the Holy Tomb. For the sake of Khwaja Sahib, after being a prime-minister second time late Indira Gandhi came to visit as she promised and offered a golden 'Panja' (Palm) towards the holy tomb. I am the only Darbari Vakil (Prayerfully) of Gandhi-family.

19. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi

Ex-Prime-Minister late Shri Rajiv Gandhi son of late Smt. Indira Gandhi also came to visit the Darbar for the 'Ziaraat' and performed the same with me.

20. Maharaja Madhav Rao Jee Scindia

Shree Madhav Rao Jee Scindia (Mharaja of Gwalior) came to visit the Darbar alongwith his wife and prayed for the integrity and the Hindu & Muslim Unity in the Country. He also prayed for presenting himself at the Court of Khwaja Sahib always in his life. He performed 'Ziarat' through me. At the time of farewell I presented him a 'Shawl' and honoured with the 'Turban' (Dastar Bandi).

As it was mentioned before that Khwaja Shaib came to India (Hindustan) accompanied his forty followers and among those followers my ancestoral grand father Syed Fakhruddin Gurdezi (R) was also came, He was one of the main disciple. 'Khas Khadim' and spiritual successor of Khwaja Sahib. He passed his whole life in worshiping the God and to serve Khwaja Sahib, I am also the secendent of that "Gurdezi Baba". There are no any descedent of Khwaja Sahib exists in the world. As a "Khas Gaddinashin Khadim" of Khwaja Sahib, I have to perform all the works relating to Darbar.

"Purposes being built everyday but fail, They only come to Ajmer, To whom Khwaja Calls On".

Khwaja Sahib better known as Gharib Nawaz in the distingushing mark of an enlightened soul and a great saint. In moments of crisis, in time of difficulty, those who have no child, to win over litigations, to have the favour of Khwaja Sahib, people flock to his Darbar, Even today, everyday 25 to 30 thousands of devotees belonging to different caste, creed and religion, different strata of society come to his shelter to get his blessings. Specially, during the 'Urs-Mubarak' festival which begins from the lst of Rajab to 6th of Rajb every year, there are 10 to 12 Lacs of devotees come to visit the Holy Shrine to Kiss the thresh-hold. Through the grace of Khwaja Sahib, every one's hearty & cherished desires being fulfilled.

Those who are unable ot come to Darbar they use to express their hearty desires and offering through letter to me. As per their desires, I use to pray and offer 'Flowers', 'Shrine', 'Chaddar', etc. on behalf of them towards Darbar and send the sacred 'Tabaruk' (Prasaad) and 'Tawiz' to them.

Regarding this, I would like to invite you also over here for 'Ziarat' of the great saint 'the saviour of mankind', 'the spiritual emperor of world' - Hazrat Khwaja Sahib.

Let us, then, move on, with our unflinching loyality to the golden crown of the holy tomb, which is more important to us then all the crowns and empires of the world.

If you are unable to present yourself at the Darbar but yet you can send the offering as per your ability for the flower, shrinee, chaddar, agarbatti, loban, sandal (Chandan) and 'Langer' (food distribution to the one thousand peoples daily day & night). There are two cauldrons (Deg) in Dargah Sharif. In the big cauldron approx 48 qty. food being cooked and in the small cauldron approx 24 qty. food being cooked. If you like, you can also take part in such noble deed send to the address of "Chishtiya Sufi Foundation" by bank Draft/B.P.O./Dollar/by Regd. Pst only infavour of my name and address. If you send from India then send by M.O. your hearty contribution will be utilised towards "Nazar-O-Niyaz' of Darbar and as per your desires and the special prayers will be offered on behalf of you. The sacred 'Tabaruk' (Prasaad) of Darbar will be sent to you.