The Significance of Offering Chadar at Ajmer sharif Dargah

One of the most important traditions at Ajmer Sharif Dargah is the offering of chadar.

Chadar is a piece of cloth that is offered at the holy shrine of khwaja Gharib Nawaz (r.a). It is a symbol of devotion and respect, and is believed to carry the prayers and wishes of the devotee to the revered sufi saint. Offering a chadar is considered to be a powerful act of worship, and is seen as a way to seek blessings and fulfillment of one's desires.

The process of offering a chadar involves placing the cloth over the mazar-e-paak of auliya (Holy tomb) and then reciting prayers and making wishes. It is deeply personal and spiritual experience that is meant to bring the devotee closer to the khawaja Gharib Nawaz, the divine.

At Ajmer sharif dargah, the tradition of offering chadar is carried out by the khuddam-e-khwaja or khadims of the mazar-e-paak.

Offering a chadar is seen as a way to connect with the divine and to seek blessings and guidance. Whether you are a regular devotee or a first-time visitor, offering a chadar is a powerful and meaningful experience that is not to be missed. It is a kind of Nazrana-E-Aqidat'(Gift) which can be offered personally towards the Darbar Sharif.

You can also offer Chadar during the auspicious occasion of the Ajmer Urs-Mubarak. Here are few photographs of the chadars with full embroidery works.

Ordinary or costly clothes are being used for this chadar on the costly chadar embroidery works, pearl and silver wires are being used and Yaseen-Sharif, name of the Panjetan Paak (A.S.), Macca, Medina & Dargah are embroidered.

Chadar Photograph